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Protection and promotion
of the historical minority languages - French and Occitan

Sito in lingua Italiana Sito in lingua Inglese Sito in lingua Occitana

The activities promoted by Law No. 482/99 have often involved the Radio Beckwith Evangelica with broadcasts in both Occitan and French, making it possible for people to listen to the languagesand learn about the local culture.



the Occitan program that talks and makes our valleys talk!

Notwithstanding the pursuit of purity, different languages will compare themselves to each other and enrich each other in an attempt to use the Occitan language as a language to communicate the present. A slang, which absorbs foreign words needed to paint today’s reality, but that is flanked by ancient phrases, without which it would be impossible to tell a story about the mountain as it is experienced by its people.

ad Oc.
We want to show that our patouà are suitable, they tend to be action-oriented; they are apt, they make sense of what we say; they are fitting, they cover the reality of our mountains like a second skin, which reveals the shapes of the hills and terraces..

The “lenga d'OC” not only carries the culture of our valleys, but it is also a tool aimed at imagining a sustainable future for the mountain and its inhabitants. This language has many different names, but call it what you like, we just want to speak it.
Many voices together listening to each other, asking questions and not imposing answers, in a process of continuous research that sees no boundaries in the hills, but opportunities to exchange and share ideas.

SLENGadOC is a program that takes different paths, and at different periods, it focuses on each of the three valleys of the mountain community of Pinerolo.


To listen to the previous editions, click on RBE archives and listen to “RABADAN”.



Iis the title that examines the history of the French presence in our valleys, from the 19th day, through the early twentieth century and post-war period.

The goal of Ici aussi on parle français is to tell the history and stories of French locals, with a dual focus on historical linguistics and the actual language of the territory (a bridge language with new immigrants from French-speaking countries, cross-border trade, etc.).

The French language has always been deeply rooted in the territory of the Pinerolo valleys, not only because of its geographical proximity to France and Switzerland, but also because of the historical social and economic relationships. Since the end of the 19th families or parts of them have migrated across the borders, from the valleys to France, to look for work. So emigration became a reason for income, but also for social development, assimilating cultures, spoken languages and ways of life of different French-speaking areas, which were then transported to the valleys and embedded in the local culture.

In relation to the historic reasons for French, we cannot forget to mention the history, roots and context of the Waldensian presence in the territory, which has enormously contributed to the diffusion of French.

A bulk of the program is devoted to interviews and collecting experiences from families who speak French, teachers of the French language, French-speaking immigrants who use French to communicate in Italy, etc.

The program is completed by reports dealing with different themes.


To listen to previous editions, click on RBE archives and listen to “A LA UNE”

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“Progetto finanziato dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri nell’ambito del programma degli interventi previsti dalla Legge 15 dicembre 1999 n.482 Norme in materia di tutela delle minoranze linguistiche storiche e coordinato dall’Assessorato alla Cultura della Regione Piemonte Settore Promozione del patrimonio culturale e linguistico”