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Protection and promotion
of the historical minority languages - French and Occitan

Sito in lingua Italiana Sito in lingua Inglese Sito in lingua Occitana

In Pinerolo, the two languages protected by Law No. 482/99 are Francese and l’Occitano; there is a Language Bureau for both these languages.

There are two kinds of Language Bureaus in Pinerolo:

  • Coordination Language Bureaus
    managed by the Mountain Community of Pinerolo:
    which implements strategies, prepares projects and funding requests, manages contacts with these institutions, as ordered by the Region and Ministry and coordinates the activities of local cultural associations. These Bureaus operate in Torre Pellice and Perosa Argentina.
    of local cultural associations:
    which perform various activities such as providing advice and translating services to organizations, institutions, individuals, etc. Each cultural association has jurisdiction over a particular geographic area, in particular:

    → “La Valaddo” Cultural Association for Upper Chisone valley
    → “Amici della Scuola Latina” Association for Germanasca valley and Lower Chisone valley
    → “Centro Culturale Valdese” Foundation for the Pellice valley and municipalities of Piedmont.

The main promotional strategies implemented in Pinerolo for the two languages in the last decade are:

There are also itinerant language bureaus: aware of the importance of interacting directly with people, some participations in events, fairs and festivals in Italy and abroad are constantly promoted, during which the Language Bureaus distribute free brochures and materials on the issue of minority languages and provide information to those who request it.

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“Progetto finanziato dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri nell’ambito del programma degli interventi previsti dalla Legge 15 dicembre 1999 n.482 Norme in materia di tutela delle minoranze linguistiche storiche e coordinato dall’Assessorato alla Cultura della Regione Piemonte Settore Promozione del patrimonio culturale e linguistico”